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7 Things I Learned From NaNoWriMo

A couple of years ago, I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month. With a shrug and then focused vigor, I dove into writing a 50,000-word story. It was an intense, frustrating, and ultimately, rewarding journey. I got to swim in the dream of my story. Set in Paris, about a cool botanist, secretive and suspenseful, with plants at the book’s heart, I wrote … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned From NaNoWriMo

2016: The Year of “Why Not You?”

This is the first time I’ve looked back on a year and thought it was a good year. In 2015, I worked hard at getting a novel I’m proud of ready for the world. My gardening business was happily busy. My older daughter got more serious about her studies, my younger one relaxed a bit despite her disability. My son did great academically and became the best … Continue reading 2016: The Year of “Why Not You?”

Beta Readers and Biting My Nails

In early November, I sent my novel to three trusted friends for feedback. One is a freelance editor and writer. Another is a memoirist. And the third is a fantasy writer. They were all happy to take on the favor and agreed to an early December deadline. While awaiting their feedback, I set the novel aside and caught up on non-writing tasks. I cleaned the house for the … Continue reading Beta Readers and Biting My Nails