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Latest: How Plants Can Boost Mental Health, Brain Matters Podcast, audio


“5 Questions to Ask Before You Give up on a Sad Houseplant,The Washington Post

“I’m Not Ashamed to Decorate with Fake Plants,” in Shondaland

“Our Favorite Gadgets for Plant Parents,” in Wired

“The Secret Life of Plants as Murder Weapons,” in Crime Reads

“When Your Name Becomes a Meme,” in Thrive Global

“J.A. Jance: A Lifetime of Thrills,” in The Big Thrill

“Paula Munier: Buzzing With a Love of Books,” in The Big Thrill

“Awakening the Muse Through Meditation,” Women Writers, Women’s Books

“How my Cat Died, Was Revived, and Shook my World,” Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

“How the Idea of a Flower That Makes You Forget Grew Into a Novel,” Women Writers, Women’s Books


On Books and Writing

“Karen Hugg, Harvesting the Sky,” New Books Network with G.P. Gottlieb, audio

“Karen Hugg on The Forgetting Flower,” The Urban Farm U podcast, audio

“Sci-Fi Flowers, Cancer, and International Adoptions,” The Cave You Fear, audio

“8 Spook-tacular Plants to Decorate Your Home,” New Day Northwest, video

On Plants and Gardening

“Five Creepy Houseplants for Halloween,” Garden Center Magazine

“Someone, Please, Turn up the Lights,” Garden Rant.

“Ten Small Trees and Shrubs for a Small, City Garden,” Swanson’s Nursery

Creative Nonfiction

“The Scent of a Daphne,” Rooted: An Anthology of Arboreal Nonfiction, Outpost19 Books.

“I Write, Therefore, I Rebel,” Minerva Rising.

“On the Path to Hope,” Mothers Always Write

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