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For when you need a sanctuary, either indoors or out

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If you put in a long exhausting day at work, you want to come home to a place where you can relax. Some place warm, inviting, and quiet. A place that soothes the eyes with greenery and beauty. The last thing you want to look at is a screen jammed with work stuff. Get away from stress and relax in the moment.

But garden design, or designing any green sanctuary, can be difficult. It can be overwhelming and what if you get it wrong? I understand. Plus, you might not have the time to teach yourself the ins and outs of plants, soil, scale, and all the rest.

That’s why I’ve opened up my design services again. More than ever, people are in need of help. The pandemic created a lot of loss and some folks, especially teens, are still climbing their way out of grief and depression. I lost my sister in 2022 and it gutted me. So I’d like to help you, inside or outside the home.

If you live in the Seattle area, I’m happy to have a free introductory meeting in person. If you live outside of Seattle, we can meet via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime for a free 15-minute virtual consultation.

My rates are $80 for a one-hour consult, $60/hour for design and coaching services.


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Daniel P house, Garden Design,

Karen has provided my house with year round garden pleasure. I knew I wanted to transform it into a fragrant, sustainable, easy to maintain sanctuary. Karen was very detail oriented, easy to work with, well versed in what species would flourish, and where to source them. A great resource!

–Daniel P., Seattle, WA
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Karen has been a lifesaver for my husband and me. She redesigned our yard beautifully, providing plants that thrive in our shady yard and provide color throughout the year. Friends often remark on our unique plants and even how nice our yard smells. We feel very fortunate to be able to rely on Karen’s landscaping expertise.

–Laura L., Seattle, WA
Alan G house, Garden Design, http://www.karenhugg.com #gardendesign #greenwellness #plants #Seattle #gardening #gardentips #design #homedesign

Karen is such a pleasure to work with. She listened to the general idea that we had in mind and then she ran with it. She took our unique yard characteristics into consideration when developing the overall design. Her expert knowledge really paid off and we were really pleased with the final results. Thank you Karen!

-Alan G., Bainbridge Island, WA

If you’re thinking you might like to do a little research first on your own, check out the gardening articles on my blog. They’re free and always available for you!

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