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“Karen Hugg has written a fine and important guide on how gardening nurtures us as we nurture the Earth, and how to deepen our reciprocity with the rest of the natural world.”

–Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle
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Have you ever felt happier after a walk in the woods or fiddling with houseplants but your hectic life stressed you out again? In our rushed, tech-based, indoor society, we may yearn for a break but only manage to get through a noisy day and collapse in bed. Regaining a peaceful mind seems beyond reach. But what if there were easy, low-cost activities to heal the soul? What if we could regularly access tranquility? How would we do that? The answer may be in the simplest, most abundant thing all around us: plants.

Plants are like a magic pill for our mental health. Growing science tells us they lower heart rates, make us more relaxed and productive, boost our immune system, help us live longer, and provide air, food, fragrance, and beauty. In Leaf Your Troubles Behind: How to Destress and Grow Happiness Through Plants, horticulturalist Karen Hugg draws on the science and two decades of professional gardening experience to help readers reduce stress and increase happiness.

Illustration by Kara Fellows

Through her original, approachable system of “Green Leisure,” you will:

-discover nature’s scientifically proven power to heal us from stress

-explore what “green leisure” activities are right for you

-create a soothing green lounge at home, either via plants or just photos and décor

-gain confidence in growing low-maintenance but rewarding plants, indoors and out

-develop “green leisure” habits to ensure care for your soul any time of year

With personal stories, the latest research, and fun easy-to-do activities, Karen guides readers in delving into the wonders of plants while “leafing” their daily stress behind and growing joy.

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