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The First Reviews for The Forgetting Flower Are In!

Hey all, a quick post today to announce I’ve received my first reviews of The Forgetting Flower. Any author will ask their family and friends to review their books (and I certainly did) but when reviews come in from folks an author doesn’t know, that’s when true feedback comes. I’ve been feeling nervous about it. But the first few arrived and they weren’t that bad! So I thought I’d share.

Diving Deep Into the Issues

The poisonous plant was a great hook, but the pile of mysteries, elegantly foreshadowed . . . kept me reading long past my bedtime.

Hugg unfolds the layers in an even, measured pace, giving the reader time to relax into Paris’s charm while she lifts the cover to show the dark underbelly that could be any large city: the immigrants barely scraping by, living off the books; the poor, trying to make their lives in the expensive city, always at the whim of the wealthy who don’t think enough about the misery their inattention creates. 

In Renia, Hugg captures the conflicting emotions of a non-Parisienne in Paris, the sad distance between the natives and all others, mellowed by the overwhelming charm of the scenes on the street. Who wouldn’t want that life? Her estrangement with her twin, the despair of their lives before Paris, makes Renia likable from the beginning. 

A.G., Goodreads Reviewer
Short and Sweet

And another shorter review whose last line really made my spirit soar:

A very interesting and unique story. Quite a slow build but well paced and very beautifully written. Recommended for a different read. Like nothing I’ve ever read.

G.N., Netgalley Reviewer

After I read these, I breathed a sigh of relief. I’m bracing myself for criticism because I know it’s coming, but in the meantime, I’m letting these reviews ground me. As the launch of my book nears, I won’t soar, I won’t sink, I’ll just use the kind words to steer forward.

Photo by Elena Ignatenko