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Rose, pen, journal, Karen Hugg, www.karenhugg.comHello and welcome. I write fiction and nonfiction about plants. They are fascinating to me and I want to bring their mysterious ways to people through entertaining stories and informative articles.


I was born into a Polish family and raised in a Polish neighborhood in Chicago. After I finished graduate school, I moved to the Pacific Northwest. The giant trees here enchanted me. I worked as an editor for several years, first at small print publications and then hi-tech places like Microsoft and Amazon. The highlight of that time was working and living in Paris while helping to launch Amazon.fr.

After awhile, I burned out and had to reexamine my life. This led me to horticulture school where I fell in love with the beauty (and silence) of plants. I earned my certificate in ornamental horticulture and became a Master Pruner. I opened a small gardening business and helped clients transform and maintain their yards. In my spare time, I wrote articles and reviews about gardening. I went to Goddard College and earned an MFA. Now I write novels featuring plants. I also manage the goings on of my family, my brilliant husband and three sweet children. When not doing any of that, I sit outside and stare at the sky.


If you’d like information on plants, check out my nonfiction website, The Cultivated Life.

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Fun fact: My name is pronounced “Hewg” like Huguenot and not “Hug” as in Hugs and Kisses (though I do like hugs).

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