“Karen Hugg has written a fine and important guide.”
–Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods
“Burned-out readers will find this a balm.”
Publisher’s Weekly

Have you ever felt happier after a walk in the woods or fiddling with houseplants but your hectic life stressed you out again? In our rushed, tech-based, indoor society, we may yearn for a break but only manage to get through a noisy day and collapse in bed. Regaining a peaceful mind seems beyond reach. But what if there were easy, low-cost activities to heal the soul? What if we could regularly access tranquility? How would we do that? The answer may be in the simplest, most abundant thing all around us: plants.

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Hi, I’m Karen, author of mystery and wellness books inspired by plants.

My forthcoming nonfiction book, Leaf Your Troubles Behind: How to Destress and Grow Happiness Through Plants, helps readers apply the mentally healing power of plants to their own lives via a unique system.

My latest novel, The Dark Petals of Provence, is about an American photographer uncovering the dangerous secrets of a small French village.

I live in the Seattle area with my husband, kids, and dog Olive. To learn more about me, click here. And don’t forget to leave a comment so I can get to know you!

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“With prose as delicate as filigree,

Hugg draws us into April’s struggle while enchanting

with magical descriptions that will make you

want to book your next flight to Provence.”

–Maureen Connolly, author of Lovely Little Things

The Dark Petals of Provence is a thrilling mainstream novel rich with atmosphere and dark questions. It brings the beauty and culture of rural France to life while enticing readers with the magic and allure of plants. In the tradition of Joanne Harris’s Chocolat, The Dark Petals will not only entertain readers with its compelling plot but move people with its memorable characters and emotionally profound theme.

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