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Karen Hugg is the author of both fiction and nonfiction books inspired by plants. Her latest novel, Harvesting the Sky, tells the story of a rare medicinal apple, personal redemption, familial devotion, and romantic love.

Her forthcoming nonfiction book, Leaf Your Troubles Behind: How to Destress and Grow Happiness Through Plants, helps readers apply the mentally healing power of plants to their own lives via a unique system.

Karen lives in the Seattle area with her husband, kids, and dog Olive. To learn more about Karen, click here.


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Podcast Interview

Podcasts, Karen Hugg, www.karenhugg.com

Listen to Karen’s latest podcast interview with the lovely G.P. Gottlieb, for the New Books Network podcast. They talked about Harvesting the Sky, secret greenhouses, and where the first apple trees grew on earth.