“…the rare author who can blend wonder and suspense.”

–Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of Until the Day I Die

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Karen is the author of The Forgetting Flower, a literary thriller set in Paris, and Song of the Tree Hollow, a mystery with a touch of magic set in Seattle. As a certified horticulturalist, she’s fascinated by plants and aims to highlight their amazing nature through stories. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, kids, and dog, Olive.



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“Superb characters and alluring prose make for a truly exceptional read.”

–Kirkus Reviews

Renia starts a new life in Paris but gets sucked into the dark underworld of her past because of a dangerous plant. Its amnesiac flowers are in high demand. As she struggles against blackmarket mobsters, she must fight not only to save the plant, but her sister and herself.

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“A book that combines love, family, nature, and magic … a beautiful story.”

–Goodreads Reviewer

Vero LeClaire returns home to help care for her sick cat Sophie while her mom’s in rehab. But when Sophie leads her to a mysterious tree in the woods, Vero unravels the clues to a dark secret kept hidden in her family for years.

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Listen to Karen’s latest podcast interview with the Matthew P. Winkler, author of Mentoring Teenage Heroes. They talked about The Forgetting Flower, cancer recovery, and international adoption.