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    An Outstanding Old Book for New Gardeners

    Garden Retreats Book, An Outstanding Old Book for New Gardeners, Karen Hugg, #gardendesign #book #sanctuary #outdoor #northwest #gardening #gardens

    My favorite garden design book for mild weather gardens is, without a doubt, Garden Retreats: Creating An Outdoor Sanctuary. It’s not a giant compendium. It’s not a how-to design a garden book. And it’s not a plant encyclopedia. But it’s always been the one book I recommend to clients. In fact, it’s the one book I still turn to when I want to dream about a beautiful sanctuary. Why does this little overlooked book beat out other books on gardening? Because of its simplicity. I’ve read a gazillion gardening books…

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    3 Things to Tackle in a Messy Overgrown Yard

    Weedy Garden, 3 Things to Tackle in a Messy Overgrown Yard, Karen Hugg, #messyyard #overgrown #garden #gardening #weeds #tasks #howto

    Most homeowners at some point have faced the worrisome hassle of a messy overgrown yard. Maybe you were working a lot or on vacation or life just happened and now things are out of control. The dandelions are blooming, the grass is tall, and that old stack of leftover lumber is still around. What to do? Well, I’m familiar with this feeling of angsty despair. Not only because I have a garden that occasionally transforms into a tangle of weeds and junk (see photo above) but because I help people…

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    How to Know When to Toss a Houseplant, Article

    Rattlesnake Plant, How to Know When to Toss a Houseplant Article, Karen Hugg, #rattlesnakeplant #houseplant #plants #toss #sickhouseplants #whattodo

    Hey all, just a quick note to let you know my latest article on when to toss a houseplant is now available to read. In January, I achieved a small dream I had of getting an assignment from The Washington Post on this topic. It’s one I’ve often struggled with as a longtime plant lover. Maybe you do too. For those of you who don’t have access to the Post, in the article I suggest you ask yourself a series of questions. They include assessing the health of your plant…

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    The Best Basic Gardening Tool Kit You Need

    Loppers, The Best Basic Gardening Tool Kit You Need, Karen Hugg, #gardening #toolkit #best #garden #tools #basic #saw #pruners #rake #shovel #tarp #loppers #horihori

    I started gardening with a very sad gardening tool kit. I used a rusty shovel, rickety rake, and a cheap trowel. While they served me well enough, I wish someone would have told me to save my money and buy fewer, higher quality tools. Here’s why. When you use a cheap tool, you waste time and put extra strain on your tendons. For instance, I used a hack saw to clumsily cut branches. Because of this, I later had to prune more to clean up the cuts. I also had a…

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    How to Install a Gravel Path in the Garden

    Gravel Path, Karen Hugg garden, How to Install a Gravel Path in the Garden, Karen Hugg,

    My husband had always wanted a path on the side of our house. The side yard was dappled shade, growing a thin layer of grass in summer that faded to mud in winter. But instead of calling an expensive contractor, I decided to take on the task of installing a path myself. I thought a lot about the choice of materials. While concrete was appealing because of its permanence, I was reluctant to pave more earth and create more runoff. Flagstone — while beautiful — was too expensive and time intensive. Leveling and cutting…