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Humbly, I Offer a Free Short Story

Several months ago, I read a fascinating article about an enhancement MIT researchers were developing for certain plants. Their prototype had been successful and they were working on more. The enhancement was unlike anything I’d ever come across as a horticulturalist. It wasn’t just a new breed of plant but a technique that could be applied to almost any plant. Anyway, that scientific development stayed with me for months. It was so cool. I was in awe of it.

As time went by, that feeling of awe and wonder worked its way into a scenario. The idea of a child having the plant knocked around in my mind. How would he or she feel about it? What would be its use? It inspired me to write a story. Without giving too much away, I ended up writing about a boy and his special plant. The story’s now ready to share.

A Free Short Story

It’s a solid sample of the kind of plant fiction I write. A window into my soul so to speak. So instead of traditionally submitting it to journals, I thought for now I’d offer it as a freebie for signing up for my newsletter. If you’d like to read “A Quiet, Steady Glow,” please sign up here. A link to the story will be sent that you can access.

Also, I’d be happy to receive feedback about it. Would you read an entire novel about this kind of speculative situation? Let me know. It helps me figure out what readers like.

For now, I wish you happy creating and happy reading.

Are you working on any stories? Have you read any outstanding ones lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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