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    Author J.A. Jance Imagined a Colorful Epic Garden

    J.A. Jance Garden Patio, Author J.A. Jance Imagined a Colorful Epic Garden, Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2021/06/04/j-a-jance-garden/(opens in a new tab) #JAJance #garden #plants #gardening #Ovid #myth #thriller #author #books #poetry

    You know I love visiting gardens so when thriller author J. A. Jance invited me to tour her Seattle-area garden, I jumped at the chance. It’s a wonderfully imagined colorful space inspired by an epic poem by C. Day-Lewis. Jance fell in love with the poem decades ago at a reading. “Baucis and Philemon” is based on Ovid’s mythical tale, which tells the story of how Zeus and Hermes visited a town where Baucis and Philemon, a simple couple who lived in a rustic cottage, took them in and showed…

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    The Importance of Writer Tribes in a Creative’s Life

    Woman Writing, The Importance of Writer Tribes in a Creative's Life, Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2019/06/03/writer-tribes/ #writing #writers #writerslife #writertribes #writinggroups #solitarylife #craft #books #fiction

    I’ve been thinking a lot about tribes and how important they are in a writer’s life. Writers are often solitary beings so joining a group, any kind of group, can be stressful and intimidating. We writers write because writing is easier than interacting. Not for everyone, I know, but it’s certainly the case for me. So while I’m a writer who enjoys being alone, I also yearn to connect with people. Not often, probably far less than others, but I do have that yearning. I realized this when I first…

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    An Escape to Italy with Donna Leon

    Death at La Fenice novel, Donna Leon, Karen Hugg, www.karenhugg.com #novel #books #DonnaLeon #policeprocedurals #mystery

    What author do you turn to for predictability? For a story that’s not too unlike one the author wrote previously? Perhaps, it’s a fantasy series set in a particular world (a la George R.R. Martin) or a mystery series featuring the same protagonist (a la Agatha Christie). It might even be a literary author whose books, while featuring fresh characters and storylines, offer consistent quality writing and beautiful insights (like Kazuo Ishiguro). For me, it’s the police procedurals of Donna Leon. I’ve always read literary novels that brim with gorgeous…

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    Being Honest About What My Writing Actually Is

    Woods, Karen Hugg, www.karenhugg.com #woods #trees

    This weekend I did something strange and bold. In fact, I’m still vibrating about its aftereffects. I can’t quite wrap my mind around what I did. Somehow it feels wrong but then again, it feels pure and more right than ever. On Friday, I spoke with an established writer who does coaching. She sells fiction books, she consults, she knows her stuff. Her name’s KJ. She’d never met me before, I had never met her. In fact, I’d won this consultation through another successful writer’s website. I was happy to…