• Inspiration

    Saturday Morning, the Most Hopeful Time of the Week

    For many of us, Saturday morning is the first morning of the week where we wake up and have nowhere to go. We may go to the gym, but that’s our choice. We may drive a kid to an activity, but that’s our choice. If we tackle the weeds waiting in our yard, that’s also our choice. Saturday morning is the morning of choices, of possibilities when we’re free of a 9-to-5 day job that traps us in a schedule of commitments and accountability. On Saturday not only do we…

  • Writing

    The Elusive Rhythm of Writing Time

    Typewriter Time by Cliff Johnson, Karen Hugg, www.karenhugg.com #antique #typewriter #writing

    I write about 20 to 30 hours a week. The dedicated time helps me identify as a writer. You may know the phrase, whatever you spend time doing, that’s what you are. I also own a gardening business, which makes me a gardener. That business keeps me busy most days but I take weekends off. On the weekends, I do household chores and tend my own garden and spend time with my family and pets. But I’ve noticed a problem. When I’m away from writing for just a few days,…