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    All the Devils Are Here Sets Murder in Paris

    All the Devils Are Here Book by Louise Penny, All the Devils Are Here Sets Murder in Paris, Karen Hugg, http://karenhugg.com/2020/12/03/all-the-devils-are-here/(opens in a new tab), #books #LouisePenny #author #AlltheDevilsAreHere #Paris #Gamache #series #mystery

    With All the Devils Are Here, author Louise Penny takes readers on a fast-paced, complex ride featuring corporate intrigue and heart-pounding thrills. The book finds Inspector Gamache in Paris, visiting his godfather and adult children. But when a mysterious van hits and nearly kills his godfather, Gamache must start sleuthing to uncover why. This sets off a series of events that lead him toward the dark truth of a corporation called GHS. It’s a compelling plot that’s sure to please established fans of Louise Penny, though new readers may find…