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    7 Heavenly Flowers That Will Enchant You in Hawaii

    Magenta Hibiscus in Hawaii, 7 Heavenly Flowers That Will Enchant You in Hawaii, Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2019/05/02/hawaii-flowers/, #Hawaii #flowers #plants #tropical #gardening #islandlife #BigIsland

    Hawaii is far away from just about everywhere on the U.S. mainland and crazy-expensive. Yet it’s enormously popular. Why? It’s the warm sunny weather, the lush landscapes, and the relaxing escape that comes with vacations. But most of all, for me, it’s the heavenly flowers. Interestingly enough, Hawaii had very few endemic plants before Polynesians settled the islands. They brought plants native to nearby areas where they lived like coconut palms, taro, mountain apple trees, etc. Later, settlers brought more decorative plants. Those plants, often native to South America, South…