Spring Has Finally Arrived

Good Sunday morning! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’re probably enjoying a gorgeous, sunny day right now. We finally made it through an unusually cold and prolonged rainy spring. Now the peonies are in bloom and I’m feeling inspired. So inspired, in fact, that I have made a change to my blogging life. If you’re a Gardening, Seattle Style subscriber, you may notice … Continue reading Spring Has Finally Arrived

Back to School Means Back to Manuscript

Labor Day marks not only a day for those who toil to make this industrious earth go ’round, but a time when I can get back to work. Either gardening or writing. In these last weeks, I’ve managed both, mostly small jobs in the mornings, writing in the afternoon. Of course, by writing I mean “revising.” I’m back to my novel, the one about the … Continue reading Back to School Means Back to Manuscript

Can You Be a Writer and Still Have Kids?

It’s Spring Break time. My children, I have three, had a week off in late April. We used this break to meet my mother and aunt in Tucson, Arizona. It was a bright, loud, active, social time. We yakked on about everything from politics to the name of my daughter’s new doll. We went swimming. Ate pizza. Drank smoothies. Broke up arguments about who’d done … Continue reading Can You Be a Writer and Still Have Kids?