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    A Fantastic Evergreen Shrub for Winter Interest

    Scarletta Leucothoe, A Fantastic Evergreen Shrub for Winter Interest, Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2020/01/21/leucothoes/, #leucothoes #leucothoescarletta #evergreenshrubs #gardening #plants #garden #mediumshrubs

    Leucothoe shrubs (pronounced “Lew-kohth-oh-wey”) are wonderful plants that offer evergreen structure and pretty color to a garden all year. They have a mounding form with branches that shoot from the base before drooping for a lovely shaggy structure. With insignificant flowers, these blueberry relatives instead feature easy-care maintenance and stunning foliage. All cultivars like part or dappled shade. They do have weird common names like “dog hobble” and “black laurel” and “fetterbush,” so I prefer their botanical name “Leucothoe.” Here are several cultivars I recommend that most gardeners in the…