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    Wasting Writing Time: 50 Ways I’ve Done It

    I just finished a story on Medium about wasting writing time and 50 ways I’ve done that. When you get to middle age as I am, you realize how precious time is, which also makes you regret the time you’ve wasted. Granted, I haven’t wasted all of my time. I wrote during my 20s and 30s and have even published work, but I often feel like I could have produced more had I been more focused on the right things.

    What Are the Right Things?

    Figuring out what those right things are is never easy. What seems important at the time seems trivial later. What may seem trivial at the time actually is life-changing later. And was it worth it is the final question. This is what I’ve come to learn is a part of living life.

    50 Ways to Not Write

    Still, I spent too much time doing meaningless things I wish I hadn’t. They’re not anything terribly painful or heartbreaking, just the usual pedestrian things middle class people do without thinking. I found in making the list that most of what I did that was useless involved shopping, watching things I didn’t have to watch, interacting with people who didn’t give much back emotionally or psychologically, and reconfiguring my home.

    The full article is on Medium. I’m grateful for any “claps” I receive. Here’s the post.