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    #4 Why Is Looking at Nature So Helpful For You?

    Madrona Tree, Why Is Looking at Nature So Helpful For You? Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2021/02/15/looking-at-nature #plants #destressing #stress #relaxation #mentalhealth #lookingatnature #fractals #fractalpatterns #nature

    Looking at nature is so helpful for us because when we look at nature, we’re looking at fractal patterns. What are fractal patterns? Fractals are complex patterns that seem chaotic but actually repeat by simple processes. Scientists can measure them with mathematical equations. They occur all the time in our world: hurricanes, galaxies, tree branch patterns, river systems, etc. They’re a building of simple calculations that create a complex whole. Pretty cool, isn’t it? A Physicist’s Hunch Fractals also appear in the artwork of Jackson Pollock. You know those paintings…