10 Plants That Look Prettier in the Rain

Rainy days can be melancholy, but when you have plants that shine in the rain, the melancholy turns to charm. It’s as if certain plants are waiting for the moisture, ready for it, so that when they get it, they put on their best show, boasting deep color and interesting texture. I was strolling the garden during a shower the other day and found myself admiring certain plants. … Continue reading 10 Plants That Look Prettier in the Rain

Warm Up With Winter Containers

Outside of a few cold snaps, we enjoy relatively mild winters in the Northwest. Yes, one needs to psychologically survive the long stretches of rainy days, but rarely can you not enjoy the outside because of frigid temperatures. This offers gardeners a chance to cheer up the dreary days with containers of plants. True, there are few blooms in December and January, but if you … Continue reading Warm Up With Winter Containers

Colorful Foliage for Shade

In the Pacific Northwest, many homeowners have a shady spot in their garden. An old, second-growth cedar or fir might take up an entire corner, a neighbor’s giant magnolia or purple leaf plum might create a wide, encompassing shadow. So what to do. With some fresh compost and occasional supplemental water, you can grow a lovely shade garden. And it doesn’t have to be all … Continue reading Colorful Foliage for Shade