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    It’s Time To Savor Spring

    Spring is a time of change. Emerging leaves, melting snow, blooming flowers. So don’t be afraid to change, even in a tiny way. Step away from your desk, your counter, your indoor work space and go outside. Being outside changes your perspective. There’s a temperature you can’t control. A vista greets you, sometimes narrow or wide or small. And maybe sun, wind, maybe rain. An open freshness surrounding you. It always amazes me how a short walk beneath trees or a moment of staring at the sky can settle the spirit.

    The composer Gustav Mahler knew this. He implies a restlessness, a fidgeting with life in winter, perhaps even a dissatisfaction. Whatever he meant, he captured how his angst disappears and settles down in spring.

    This week I wish you a settled spirit.

    “With the coming of spring, I am calm again.”

    –  Gustav Mahler, composer