Skybridge Designs at the NW Flower & Garden Show

While I enjoy the large, involved displays at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show every year, I’m even more interested in the smaller displays housed in the skybridge. These are the compact displays using a 6′ by 12′ space meant to inspire condo, apartment, town home, and small yard owners. All NWFGS display gardens are there to give homeowners ideas but I’d argue the ideas … Continue reading Skybridge Designs at the NW Flower & Garden Show

The patio afterward

Patio Transformation

For several years, we were happy enough on our little patio. It wasn’t particularly pretty but not particularly ugly. You know how people say, it’ll do? Well, ours did. For several years. A 10 by 12 foot rectangle with giant concrete tiles and a long, narrow deck. Steps, lots of steps. We spent many warm evenings on the patio, eating and laughing and barbecuing. But we also spent … Continue reading Patio Transformation

Warm Up With Winter Containers

Outside of a few cold snaps, we enjoy relatively mild winters in the Northwest. Yes, one needs to psychologically survive the long stretches of rainy days, but rarely can you not enjoy the outside because of frigid temperatures. This offers gardeners a chance to cheer up the dreary days with containers of plants. True, there are few blooms in December and January, but if you … Continue reading Warm Up With Winter Containers