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    An Easy Beautiful Rose Every Gardener Can Grow

    Rosa Glauca Blooms, An Easy Beautiful Rose Every Gardener Can Grow, Karen Hugg, https://karenhugg.com/2019/06/02/rosa-glauca/ #rose #lowmaintenance #easycare #rosaglauca #gardening #plants #pink #shrubroses

    If you'd like to grow a rose that adds beauty to the garden, resists disease, and takes little maintenance, consider the pink shrub rose rosa glauca. It's a species rose that's hardy down to zone 6 and grows ultimately to about eight feel tall by three feet wide. It can be pruned down though it needs little pruning, growing densely in a large vase shape with arching canes. Those canes bloom a mass of small single pink flowers in late spring, making for a spectacular sight in the garden.