If the Cubs Win the World Series, Will the World End?

Like anyone born and raised in Chicago, I went to my fair share of Cubs games as a kid, but one game in my memory stands out as emblematic of life with a chronically losing baseball team. I was twelve years old and didn’t have school that day. My friend, who I should call a “companion” because anyone who alternately is neutral and then a conniving … Continue reading If the Cubs Win the World Series, Will the World End?

Stewartia pseudocamellia bark

The Ultimate Year-Round Tree

Some people buy trees for their cheery blooms or bold fall color or cool, winter bark. Sometimes fragrance. Rarely does a tree have all of these features, but stewartias do. In fact, not only do they have such traits, they also have lovely, tidy forms. Lately, my favorite has been Stewartia pseudocamellia. (Though I also love S. monodelpha in particular.) Stewartia pseudocamellia has a behaved crown, amazing orange … Continue reading The Ultimate Year-Round Tree

Work off holiday weight by raking leaves

I’ve got to admit, raking leaves can be boring. I do it all the time for myself and for clients –plugged into my favorite podcast to pass the time. The upshot of raking is, of course, fabulous exercise. I can only think of shoveling gravel as another garden activity that gets your heart rate higher — depending on how fast you rake. But for me, … Continue reading Work off holiday weight by raking leaves

Pumpkins, so easy to grow

This year my eldest daughter and I decided to grow pumpkins. Cucurbita pepo is such an incredibly easy squash to cultivate. I recommend starting the seeds indoors by a window in a shallow plastic cup covered with a wet paper towel until the seed sprouts. Then transplant the seedlings to a sunny spot in the garden, water regularly and look for orange, tubular flowers. The … Continue reading Pumpkins, so easy to grow