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    How to Bend and Be Resilient

    I've been thinking about how to be resilient this weekend, how to bounce back from challenges and setbacks. On one day, you encounter obstacles and the stresses of life. Stuff that's important that may not work out. Important stuff. So what helps us recover?

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    Botanical Shakespeare: My Kind of Nerdy Fun

    The book, Botanical Shakespeare, is a delightful compendium of every mention of plants across all of Shakespeare's works. Physically, it's a lovely book, an old style hardback with a silk ribbon and pretty color illustrations. Inside, it's even more engaging, as author Gerit Quealy alphabetically collects the bard's poetic lines…

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    My Own Random Small Tips for Visiting Paris

    This summer I imagine a lot of people will be visiting Paris. It’s an easy city to get around in with a compact layout and excellent subway system. It, of course, has amazing history and architecture. There are hundreds of blog posts on what to look out for and what…