Short Works

A sample of short works…

For who I am as a writer in a nutshell, check out my post, “The Secret Life of Plants as Murder Weapons,” in Crime Reads.


Journals and Magazines

“On the Path to Hope,” Mothers Always Write, 2nd Place, Short Essay Contest.

“The Scent of a Daphne,” Rooted: An Anthology of Arboreal Nonfiction, Outpost19 Books.

“I Write, Therefore, I Rebel,” Minerva Rising.

“The Dom Dziecka,” Specs.

“I’m Glad You’re Not Happy for Me,” Hip Mama.

Websites and Online Magazines

“When Your Name Becomes a Meme,” Thrive Global.

“Five Creepy Houseplants for Halloween,” Garden Center Magazine

“5 Reasons I Love Krakow,” The Globetrotting Gal

“How the Idea of a Flower That Makes You Forget Grew Into a Novel,” Women Writers, Women’s Books

“How my Cat Died, Was Revived, and Shook my World,” Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

“Awakening the Muse Through Meditation,” Women Writers, Women’s Books

“Someone, Please, Turn up the Lights,” Garden Rant.

“Ten Small Trees and Shrubs for a Small, City Garden,” Swanson’s Nursery.


An excerpt from The Unearthing of Eleven Seconds, The Broken City.

“The Heap,” Soul’s Road: A Fiction Collection.

“The Vampire at the Bakery,” Opium.


“The Grass,” Tadeusz Rozewicz, poem, translation from the Polish, Shifting Borders.

“Poems on Poland,” Adam Zagajewski, poem, translation from the Polish, Shifting Borders.

“The Wanderer,” Zbigniew Herbert, poem, translation from the Polish, Poetry East.

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