My Writing

Below is a sampling of my work. For a complete list of my publications, work, and education, please email me for a CV.


Though I sometimes write short stories, my greater passion is in novels where I lay out a fuller plot and more complex concepts. I allow character to dictate voice and style. My novel Harvesting the Sky is about a botanist and the medicinal trees he fights to protect.

An excerpt from The Unearthing of Eleven Seconds, a novel, The Broken City, Issue 10: The Future.
“The Heap,” a short story, appeared in the anthology Soul’s Road: A Fiction Collection.
“The Vampire at the Bakery,” short story, was published in Opium.

Creative Nonfiction

I’ve published creative nonfiction and am now outlining a book-length memoir about my experience adopting three children from Poland. The working title is Mamo Polska.

“The Scent of a Daphne,” Rooted: An Anthology of Arboreal Nonfiction from Outpost19 Books.
“I Write, Therefore, I Rebel,” a remembrance of my early writing appeared in Minerva Rising.
“The Dom Dziecka,” a short piece about adopting my kids from Poland, was published in Specs.
The short narrative, “I’m Glad You’re Not Happy for Me,” was published in Hip Mama.

Articles, Posts, and Reviews

My post on using meditation in writing appeared on Women Writers, Women’s Books.
My opinion piece, “Someone, Please, Turn up the Lights,” was published on Garden Rant.
My article, “How to Install a Gravel Path,” was published in Northwest Garden News.
“The Art of Introducing Cats to Dogs,” a how-to article, ran in Desert Dog.
My book review of A Garden Gallery, was published in Northwest Garden News.
“A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness,” a music review, is online at


I’ve published several translations of Polish poetry. A few are:

“Poems on Poland,” Adam Zagajewski, poem, translation from the Polish, Shifting Borders.
“The Tree,” Tadeusz Rozewicz, poem, translation from the Polish, Poetry East.
“The Wanderer,” Zbigniew Herbert, poem, translation from the Polish, Poetry East.

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