Song of the Tree Hollow Book, Karen Hugg, #book #novel #mystery #Seattle #tree #plantwhisperer

My Novel

Song of the Tree Hollow Book, Karen Hugg, #book #novel #mystery #Seattle #tree #plantwhispererHey everyone, my new novel, Song of the Tree Hollow, a short literary mystery set in Seattle, is available now on Amazon. If you like cats and plants and puzzles, this is the novel for you. It’s free until Sunday, November 18th, 2018. Here’s the description:

Vero Leclaire has moved back home to care for her sick cat Sophie while her mom is in rehab. But after Sophie dies from a heart attack and is revived by a vet, she leads Vero to a tree hollow where a strange humming emanates. Unsure whether the tree is haunted or she’s imagining things, Vero goes on a quest to solve the puzzle, finding an exotic fern, a Native medallion, and an old cassette tape, which together unravel the truth about her dark family history. In the end, Vero must battle not only her penchant for living in the past but save her mom before she dies at the hands of the person who knows what’s buried beneath the tree.