“Karen Hugg is the rare author

who can blend wonder and suspense.”

–Emily Carpenter, Bestselling author of Every Single Secret

About The Forgetting Flower
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A young woman starts a new life in Paris but gets sucked into the dark underworld of her past thanks to a dangerous plant. Its amnesiac flowers are in high demand and as she struggles against blackmarket mobsters, she must fight to not only save herself but her sister as well.

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About Karen

Welcome, I’m Karen and I write literary mysteries and thrillers inspired by plants. Plants are my passion. In fact, as I write this, I keep glancing out my window at my garden. Leaves of deep green, purple flowers, dark corners, and bright sunshine. It’s a wonderland out there and I try to render the awe of green creatures in words.

I especially love the idea of plants inside a city. Yes, the natural world of forests and fields and rivers and mountains is alluring but the trees, the shrubs, the perennials that grow amidst the concrete and structures of a stony, dense civilization is especially fascinating to me.

I believe it’s so fascinating that I wrote a story about it. The plant is the Violet Smoke and the city is Paris. It’s hidden in a little shop in Saint-Germain and more than one person wants it. Do they ever get it? Well, the answer is in my novel, The Forgetting Flower.

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Listen to my latest podcast interview with the wonderful Matthew P. Winkler, author of Mentoring Teenage Heroes. We talked The Forgetting Flower, cancer recovery, and international adoption.

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