“…the rare author who can blend wonder and suspense.”

–Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of Until the Day I Die

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Hi, I’m Karen, the author of Harvesting the Sky, The Forgetting Flower, and Song of the Tree Hollow, all literary thrillers or mysteries with a touch of magic. I’m also the author of Leaf Your Troubles Behind: How to Destress and Grow Happiness Through Plants (coming in 2022). As a certified horticulturalist and unofficial nerd, I’m fascinated by plants. My aim is to highlight their amazingness through my writing. I live in the Seattle area with my husband, kids, and dog, Olive. Contact me and tell me about your plant adventures!



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“…an original delight!”

–Mark Pryor, Author of the Hugo Marston Series

Botanist Andre Damazy lands the opportunity of a lifetime when he discovers a rare medicinal apple in Kazakhstan and brings back tree cuttings to his hidden greenhouse in Paris. But a mysterious stranger constantly thwarts Andre’s work, sending harassing calls and menacing effigies, stalking Andre, and vandalizing his trees.

Andre doesn’t understand why anyone would do this but wonders if it’s related to a past project that resulted in a deadly mistake. So with the help of his friend Renia (The Forgetting Flower), he struggles to outmaneuver his enemy while uncovering a more dangerous plot that threatens all that Andre holds dear, including the woman he secretly loves.

The Forgetting Flower Book, Karen Hugg, http://www.karenhugg.com #books #literarythrillers #bookssetinParis #Paris #fiction #crimefiction #novels

“Superb characters and alluring prose make for a truly exceptional read.”

–Kirkus Reviews

Renia starts a new life in Paris but gets sucked into the dark underworld of her past because of a dangerous plant. Its amnesiac flowers are in high demand. As she struggles against blackmarket mobsters, she must fight not only to save the plant, but her sister and herself.

Song of the Tree Hollow, Free Ebook, Karen Hugg, http://eepurl.com/dmFSM5 #books #novels #mystery #literary #fantasy #freebook #freebooks #freeebooks #songofthetreehollow #Seattle #stories

“A book that combines love, family, nature, and magic … a beautiful story.”

–Goodreads Reviewer

Vero LeClaire returns home to help care for her sick cat Sophie while her mom’s in rehab. But when Sophie leads her to a mysterious tree in the woods, Vero unravels the clues to a dark secret kept hidden in her family for years.

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Listen to Karen’s latest podcast interview with the Matthew P. Winkler, author of Mentoring Teenage Heroes. They talked about The Forgetting Flower, cancer recovery, and international adoption.

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