Notre Dame Interior

The Magnificent Secret Inside Notre Dame

When my skeptical ten-year-old asked what we would see when visiting Paris, I said, “We’ll see Notre-Dame cathedral. It’s the most famous church in the world!” “Really? In the whole world?” she said. Kids often use the phrase, “in the whole world” to emphasize whatever thing they admire. “She’s my best friend in like, the whole world,” or “That place has the best smoothies in … Continue reading The Magnificent Secret Inside Notre Dame

Why I Set my Stories in Paris

American cities have never interested me much. Though I was born in Chicago, have spent most of my adulthood in Seattle, and have visited most major U.S. cities, I’ve been less taken with American places than European ones. There’s nothing really wrong with American cities, Americans are friendly, hopeful people. They’re resourceful, they’re scrappy, they believe their lives will get better and better. But they’re … Continue reading Why I Set my Stories in Paris

A Tribute to Natural Paris

People, like plants, are resilient. We suffer shock from our wounds, we go dormant and mourn, we heal and recover, and we continue to grow as best we can despite crippling circumstances. This is why I’ve been thinking about the natural beauty of Paris. In the sprawling, public gardens like the Jardin des Plantes or Tuileries, you find mostly hedged boxwoods and cypress trees. These … Continue reading A Tribute to Natural Paris