Chicago Botanic Garden

Bringing Brazil’s Tropical Sun Inside

Have you ever gone on vacation somewhere tropical and fallen in love with the plants there? I have. I’ve brought home cactuses. I’ve hauled succulents. I’ve packed those goofy plumeria branches you get in any Hawaiian gift store. Once potted in soil, the plumeria stick will actually grow into a tiny tree. You don’t get many blooms, but the stalk will put on foliage and … Continue reading Bringing Brazil’s Tropical Sun Inside

The Visionary Roberto Burle Marx

Roberto Burle Marx was Brazil’s most famous landscape architect of the 20th Century. Inspired by the modern art movements of Cubism and abstract expressionism, he broke the tradition of designing classically hedged, European gardens and instead installed irregularly shaped bold spaces that used native South American plants. Throughout his long life he designed hundreds of private gardens and public parks while advocating for the conservation … Continue reading The Visionary Roberto Burle Marx

Endless Summer Hydrangea 'Original'

4 Shrubs That Bloom Again

Most gardeners love a deliciously fragrant lilac or colorful mophead hydrangea but it’s a bit frustrating to grow these shrubs when they don’t bloom again all year. Growers have tried to solve this issue by hybridizing shrubs so that gardeners can enjoy blooms at least twice, sometimes three times, a growing season. Here are four cultivars you wouldn’t expect to rebloom but do. Eternal Fragrance … Continue reading 4 Shrubs That Bloom Again

Last Chance to Transplant, Seattle

It’s late May and our sunny, Seattle weather has lasted almost two weeks, but rain is on the horizon. I’ve been busy planting and weeding and transplanting. Some shrubs like camellias and daphnes are notoriously difficult to transplant and I haven’t had much success with those. I have had success with transplanting magnolias (another difficult plant.) But there are a few Northwest shrubs that are super easy … Continue reading Last Chance to Transplant, Seattle