Endless Summer Hydrangea 'Original'

4 Shrubs That Bloom Again

Most gardeners love a deliciously fragrant lilac or colorful mophead hydrangea but it’s a bit frustrating to grow these shrubs when they don’t bloom again all year. Growers have tried to solve this issue by hybridizing shrubs so that gardeners can enjoy blooms at least twice, sometimes three times, a growing season. Here are four cultivars you wouldn’t expect to rebloom but do. Eternal Fragrance … Continue reading 4 Shrubs That Bloom Again

Last Chance to Transplant, Seattle

It’s late May and our sunny, Seattle weather has lasted almost two weeks, but rain is on the horizon. I’ve been busy planting and weeding and transplanting. Some shrubs like camellias and daphnes are notoriously difficult to transplant and I haven’t had much success with those. I have had success with transplanting magnolias (another difficult plant.) But there are a few¬†Northwest shrubs that are super¬†easy … Continue reading Last Chance to Transplant, Seattle

Skybridge Designs at the NW Flower & Garden Show

While I enjoy the large, involved displays at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show every year, I’m even more interested in the smaller displays housed in the skybridge. These are the compact displays using a 6′ by 12′ space meant to inspire condo, apartment, town home, and small yard owners. All NWFGS display gardens are there to give homeowners ideas but I’d argue the ideas … Continue reading Skybridge Designs at the NW Flower & Garden Show

The Easiest Way to Help a Tree

Tree pruning, admittedly, can be complicated. Usually, if I speak more than two sentences about it to my clients, their eyes glaze over. There’s lots of info about heading cuts and lateral buds and cambium layers, so I want to share the one, most basic way that homeowners can help their trees stay healthy without needing a degree in forestry: don’t leave stumps. The sawed … Continue reading The Easiest Way to Help a Tree