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    Eavesdropping on the Children Noise Chaos

    Toys, Eavesdropping on the Children Noise Chaos, Karen Hugg, Noise/ #children #noise #toys #backyard #quiet #momhood #kids

    There’s growling, there’s yelling in mock pain, there’s laughing, squealing, arguing, a sudden scream. I mean, high-pitched, ear-splitting screams. It’s children noise and the accompanying chaos. Right over my fence. Do I mind? Oddly, no. Twelve years ago, before having my own kids I would have. Because I’m solitary and quiet and an introvert, I would have hated it. But…

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    A Hectic Vacation

    Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), Seattle, WA

    Whether I like it or not, I’m inundated right now with work and visitors. August is always a month of visitors for us because two of my children were born in August and relatives like to come for their birthdays — which for me means cleaning and guests and cake and touring around the region. Writing is out the window (unless…

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    Can You Be a Writer and Have Kids?

    During this last spring break, I took my three children to visit my mother and aunt in Tucson, Arizona. It was a bright, loud, active, social time. We yakked on about everything from politics to the names of my daughter’s new dolls. We went swimming. Drank smoothies. Ate dinner in the warm shade. Broke up arguments about who’d done the…

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    7th Grade Is the New College

    Next year, my son will enter middle school. And in learning about middle school, I realized middle school, at least in our school district near Seattle, is not middle school as I knew it. It’s more intense. There’s not a lot of fooling around. You have to register for classes. You create your own schedule. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays…

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    Better Than We Used to Be

    The other day I received an email from my youngest daughter’s teacher. She invited me to the Friday assembly to see my daughter receive an award for being respectful in class. A little later I told this to my mother by phone. We laughed. We laughed so hard. My youngest daughter has mild brain damage and her control center isn’t the greatest.…