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  • Shaded Sunny Border, How to Garden in a Shaded Sunny Border, Karen Hugg, #gardening #plants #shade #sun #border #garden #soil #clay
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    How to Garden in a Shaded Sunny Border

    I have this tricky garden area on the eastern boundary of my yard. It has a huge oak tree. It has a lawson cypress. The trees shade out an eastern and southern exposure until about two o’clock when the hot afternoon sun blasts through. Then all hell breaks loose. It’s…

  • Variegated Iris, The Versatile Variegated Iris in My Garden, Karen Hugg, #variegatediris #iris #summerblooms #mygarden #rhizome
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    The Versatile Variegated Iris

    Variegated Iris (Iris pallida 'Variegata') is a versatile and wonderful iris to grow. I have two beside the birdbath in my garden. These natives of Croatia have creamy yellow and light green leaves with two-toned lavender blooms. They also offer great structure for the garden, growing in flat wide spikes.…

  • Vase in Garden, A Tormented Gardener in a Garden of Bliss, Karen Hugg,, #gardening #garden #plants #KarenHugg
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    A Tormented Gardener in a Garden of Bliss

    Good morning! Today I begin a series of Saturday posts on my garden of bliss (and torment). It’s a big garden, a garden on the edge of a ravine and creek, and a garden that’s made me both extremely happy and incredibly depressed. I’ll tell you why I was depressed…