A New Vine of Ideas Is Ready for November

My favorite fall color tree, A New Vine of Ideas Is Ready for November, Karen Hugg, #books #plants #gardening #TV #music #inspiration #environment #writing
My Favorite Fall Color Tree

Hey all, I’m writing another quick post to let you know my latest digest, a Vine of Ideas, is ready for exploring. What is it? Well, it’s a compendium of the cool stuff I’ve found or been inspired by. I make it about books, plants, movies and music, good environmental news, inspirational teachings I’ve found, and my latest writing. I also throw in writing tips and any advice I think is worth sharing. It comes out monthly. It’s short. And sweet. And free.

This month I focused on suspense fiction from Minnesota. I love getting fall color into a garden and this newsletter spotlights my absolute favorite tree for that. I also included my latest thoughts on making peace with social media. I’ve found it difficult but doable. For video and film finds, I discovered a Dublin detective show and some really cool Dutch R&B. Then finally things rounded out with an interview on how our self-identities can hold us back. Oh and there’s a tidbit on a new eco-friendly kind of diamond.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing. I only send A Vine of Ideas monthly and try to do giveaways a few times a year! You can sign up by clicking on the link in the box below.

Thanks for your support!

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Karen Hugg, Author and Gardener,, #books #author #Seattle #plants #gardening #crimefiction #Paris #vines #vineofideas #newsletter

A Vine of Ideas

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