What Does The Forgetting Flower Look Like?

Good morning, everyone! I’m thrilled to answer the question of what The Forgetting Flower looks like! And in more ways than one. The cover of the novel is now live and it’s a dream come true. In some ways, I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

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You can now see what my speculative flower resembles in real life. I don’t want to give too much away but the flower is part African violet. And this cover makes it so beautiful yet menacing! I love the dark background, which makes the flower seem like it’s rising from a dangerous unknown place. And the scent streams from the blossom in that spooky way, evoking danger. In the story, that vapor isn’t anything you’d want to inhale accidentally.

Pre-orders Are Now Open
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Free Seeds for Bees!

The other thing to know is that preorders for the book are now open! At the moment, you can order the ebook at Amazon. It will soon be available at several online retailers. The paperback is coming within days. And as a thank you, I’m giving away a seed packet of wildflowers that helps bees thrive to the first 25 people who preorder. I wrote about the bees recently. What’s happening to the declining bee population is serious and it’s so important we do something about it. I’ll be talking about the flowers in those seed packets in the next few days.

Oh, and the release date for The Forgetting Flower is June 18, 2019.

Expressing a Story in an Image

I’m so excited about the spooky danger of this cover. How the letters fade (and weave) in and out of the smoke. How the bloom rises up into the viewer’s consciousness from somewhere below. And how the words come at you with more force, expanding as they scroll down the cover.

Who’s behind this alluring artwork? Magnolia Press‘s book designer Dionne Abouelela, a talented entrepreneur in her own right. She’s not only a book cover designer, she’s an author as well. She really captured the spirit of the book and has done that for several authors. If you check out my fellow Magnolia Press author, Autumn Lindsey’s novel, Remaining Aileen, or Dionne’s portfolio, you’ll see what I mean.

So there it is, the beginning of this journey. If you are a book blogger or know of anyone who’d like to receive an advance reader’s copy (ARC) for review, please let me know! The book is a literary thriller about a woman who hides a dangerous plant and finds herself in difficult circumstances. You can read the description here. You can also mark it as Want-to-Read on Goodreads here! Lastly, you can preorder it here. Thanks for your time, everyone!

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