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Paris at Night — in a Technicolor Dream

The photographer Saad Sharif has an amazing ability to capture Paris at night or dusk, setting him apart from other photographers (me included) who’ve photographed Paris. But his work isn’t only special for capturing a dark city but how he brings out the bright hues. There are pinks, blues, and oranges contrasting with the black skies and trees and signs. The streets, the people, the walkways, the buildings all have an almost out-of-time glow. I love meditating on these photos. Check them out.

Paris at Night, Saad Sharif, Paris in a Technicolor Dream, Karen Hugg,

Paris in a Technicolor Dream - Paris at Night, Karen Hugg, #Paris #France #photos #SaadSharif

Saad Sharif, Paris at night,

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