Saturday Morning, the Most Hopeful Time of the Week

Pink rose
Saturday Morning Rose

For many of us, Saturday morning is the first morning of the week where we wake up and have nowhere to go. We may go to the gym, but that’s our choice. We may drive a kid to an activity, but that’s our choice. If we tackle the weeds waiting in our yard, that’s also our choice. Saturday morning is the morning of choices, of possibilities when we’re free of a 9-to-5 day job that traps us in a schedule of commitments and accountability. On Saturday not only do we not have to be accountable to that job, we don’t have to be accountable the next day either, which expands the sense of peace. With two free days, we could take a brief trip away. Maybe even forget the stress of our lives.

Whether it’s a cloudy rainy day or glorious sunny one, I love the look of a Saturday morning. A neighbor walking her dog. The guy down the street mowing his lawn. Birds pecking at grass for worms. Saturday morning is a hot cup of tea, a newspaper, the moments before we get on with whatever we’ve decided to do but haven’t embarked on yet.

On Saturday Morning, Chores Can Wait

Yes, I could paint the basement closet. Yes, I could take the kids to the library. Yes, I could even blow it all off and laze around with the kids, but the beauty is I haven’t decided yet and don’t need to.

Though I like Friday nights and the anticipation of the weekend that it brings, I’m always too tired from work to relish it. Plus, most of the day’s over. On Sunday afternoons, I begin to think about the job or family tasks I must return to the next day. But Saturday mornings are the sweet spot of the week. With their quiet openness and long stretch of time before us instead of behind are perfect. A gift that says, Here’s an entire day, how will you seize it?

What are your favorite things to do on Saturday mornings? Are they for you or others? And does your “Saturday morning” fall on a different day of the week?

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