The Plant Shops of Paris

In my post “A Tribute to Natural Paris,” I talked about how plant beauty, whether it be trees or shrubs or flowers, pops up in unexpected places around the city. One place I forgot to mention was the plant shop, the small stores where residents buy their bouquets or houseplants or annuals for planters. As one walks through Le Marais or St. Germain, one might turn a corner and suddenly come upon it: a green oasis of colorful flowers and soft foliage. A place to enchant the eye, to put the mind at peace. Those shops are little gifts amidst the concrete caverns and I love browsing them. In fact, I love them so much I created a story about a plant shop. My novel, The Forgetting Flower, focuses on a plant shop owner and the very special plant she has secretly locked away. In a tribute to the source of my inspiration, here are some photos of plant shops in Paris.

Plant shop in Paris

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