Skybridge Designs at the NW Flower & Garden Show

While I enjoy the large, involved displays at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show every year, I’m even more interested in the smaller displays housed in the skybridge. These are the compact displays using a 6′ by 12′ space meant to inspire condo, apartment, town home, and small yard owners. All NWFGS display gardens are there to give homeowners ideas but I’d argue the ideas in the skybridge displays feel more realistic and doable. They’re certainly more intimate. And because they benefit from the natural light of the convention center’s glassed atrium, they show the true colors and shapes of the hardscapes, furniture, accessories, and most importantly, plants. Here were some of my favorites from 2017’s show.

Rocky Bay Garden Creations in Gig Harbor, WA

This display was a standout for its groovy sitting area and unusual containers for plants. Also, vertical gardening…

Ma Petite Gardens, Snohomish, WA

Ma Petite Gardens focused on containers. Love the dark, ancient mood here.

Sky Nursery, Shoreline, WA

They won for best use of show theme: “Taste of Spring,” growing food and enjoying it.

Vireo Design Studio, Seattle, WA

Groundswell NW, NW Seattle Community Habitat Team, National Wildlife Foundation, and Vireo collaborated to create a garden area with habitats for bees and other pollinators.

Essence of the Tree, Potter Valley, CA

This California nursery featured unique stepping stones that look like trunk slabs but are made of eco-friendly, stone material.

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