• Kevin Cyr

    I’ve always found your first thought interesting. Do you think writers are better off getting a job in a different field, than editing/writing? Because this gives the problems you mentioned above. Or do you think there are more benefits to getting a job in that field? This way your immersed in your craft, and are surrounded by people who support/guide you.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on this Karen. I’m young and looking for possible ventures!

  • Karen

    Hi Kevin, in my case, my job clouded my head so much I couldn’t create the inner peaceful silence I needed to creatively write (even though I was writing non-fiction at my job every day). But I was also in hi-tech, which is one of the most mind-consuming kinds of places to work. If you can get an editorial job that doesn’t exhaust your mind too much, then I think it could help you be a better writer. But ultimately becoming a great writer requires the time to just do it, so I also think you could work in a different field and still be a writer. Wallace Stevens was an insurance agent all of his life and yet he produced a ton of poetry. Good luck!

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