Happy Halloween: Spooky Container Ideas

Fall is a great time to plant a container. Nurseries have their blow-out sales during October and the deals are great. Plus, simply using foliage color and branch structure, one can create a container that reflects the harvest season and even Halloween. Here are some favorite containers I stumbled upon recently in nursery shopping.

At Swanson’s Nursery

Cool use of Black Mondo Grass, Corokia, and Dusty Miller make this container creeptastic. No green foliage here. Just plants that remind me of dracula and spiders.

At Sky Nursery
At Sky Nursery

What’s eerier than a container with half a face on it. I love these. The cold colors of the agaves and sedums against the brown tone of the pot looks like death warmed over. The tiny blossom reaching up reminds me of a creature sticking its neck out of a lagoon.

At Molbak’s Nursery

A designer at Molbak’s used this striped pumpkin as the centerpiece for a ghoulishly unhealthy arrangement. The wire vine gives that creepy, crawly feeling and the catkins from a Hazelnut tree droop in sadness.

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