Fun Times at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show got off to a slow start because on Wednesday when it opened, over a half-million fans were celebrating the Seahawks Superbowl victory with a parade downtown (yes, we won we won we won!). But things picked up soon after (I’m told) and on Friday, I had my own share of fun. Here are some photos of the more interesting ideas in the display gardens.


Mother-daughter team Sue and Courtney Goetz contrasted their styles with two small cottages in one large garden. This was one of my favorites. Outside one of the cottages was a tongue-in-cheek repurposing of an old mattress frame.

The theme was “Art in Bloom,” which for some translated to Chihuly-style glass sprinkled throughout a display. But this display featured vertical, wire/metal fingerprints.


Interesting optical illusion experience with this earth egg-thingie. It was a flat image on the floor that seemed 3-D when you stood in a certain spot.


Some designers took a different direction like West Seattle Nursery who won a Gold award for their vertical garden design and these mossy flowers. If there were an award for most creative name, they should have won that also: “MOFA – Museum of Foliar Art.”


I loved the color in this display from Judith Jones of Fancy Fronds.


Here’s the root cellar in “Nature’s Studio.”


These little cuties popped up in a display whose name I can’t remember, sorry. If you know, please email me.


These iron wheel sculptures really made a statement.


Designer Karen Stefonick used the pitcher plant as a jumping off point for her clean-lined, larger-than-life display.

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