What do you dream about when you dream about summer?

IMG_2648_2The other day I had a dream in my sleep about summer. I was in my backyard and it was morning. I could feel the warm sunlight on my shoulders. It was going to be a clear, hot day. There was a wooden bench with two glazed pots on either side that needed plants. And my small task for the day, because it was going to be a simple day, where I had one, and only one, thing I was going to accomplish (and it involved gardening!), was to put plants in these pots. I drank from a cup of tea and considered phormium and tibouchina and canna (heh, all Zone 9 plants). How would the purple phormium look with Heuchera ‘Lime Rickey’ or surrounded by Santolina virens ‘Lemon Fizz?’ In the quiet, I imagined and anticipated. I would go to the nursery in a bit to buy whatever plants I wanted.

It still feels like heaven as I think about it right now. There was no stress in the dream, no worry, no other people. There was no dishwasher to empty for the millionth time, no accidental cat vomit to clean up, no tired and irritable child to deal with, no half-broken garage door to fiddle with. (Yes, this is a glimpse into my domestic life.) It was just me and gardening fun. Wow.

When I woke up, I realized it was January. The gray morning light is so weak at this time of year, one needs to put a light on in every room to see. I got up and made the kids’ lunches, turned up the thermostat, and padded in my slippers to my computer. I don’t actually own a bench with two glazed pots on either side so, of course, the dream wasn’t really about my yard or what I would plant in the pots. It was about yearning for the growing season, the time of year when everything’s living at its peak. It was about the excitement and relaxation I simultaneously feel in the solitary moment of gardening. It was about the purity of living your bliss.

What do you think about doing when you think of summer? What’s your favorite thing to do during those warm, clear days?

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