Work off holiday weight by raking leaves

raking leavesI’ve got to admit, raking leaves can be boring. I do it all the time for myself and for clients –plugged into my favorite podcast to pass the time. The upshot of raking is, of course, fabulous exercise. I can only think of shoveling gravel as another garden activity that gets your heart rate higher — depending on how fast you rake. But for me, I always start with a thick coat and hat on before finishing in my sweatshirt. Self magazine’s calorie counter says a medium-sized woman can burn almost 150 calories for a half-hour’s work. That’s 300 an hour. (A medium-sized guy can burn 180 in 30 minutes.) This rate isn’t as good as what I burn at the gym where I can burn 300 calories in a half-hour. But with raking, you breathe fresh air, get Vitamin D, and end up with a tidy bed or lawn. Not bad for hanging out with TBTL for an hour.

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